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New Testament Questions and Answers with PDF

New Testament Questions and Answers with PDF - Playing trivia is a fun way to discover more about the Bible and grow your faith. Good luck!

The Bible is a big book, but it’s such an important book - it is a guide for our lives given to us by God, and it is a lamp unto our feet. It is not always easy to read or understand, and the vast amount of information within its pages can certainly be overwhelming at times!

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New Testament Trivia Questions and Answers

Easy Bible Trivia Questions and Answers

Q1. In what city was Jesus born?

Ans. Bethlehem

Q2. Who brought Jesus gifts when he was born?

Ans. The wise men

Q3. What is the eighth commandment?

Ans. Thou shall not steal.

Q4. Name two out of the nine Fruits of the Spirit.

Ans. Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self Control.

Q5. Who is the angel who told Mary she would give birth to Jesus?

Ans. The Angel Gabriel 

Q6. On which day did Jesus rise from the dead?
Ans.  Third day

Q7. What was Jesus’ crown made of?

Ans. Thorns

Q8. Where does Jesus give his first sermon?

Ans. On the mount

Q9. What are the four Gospels in the New Testament?

Ans. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John

Q10. How many days and nights did Jesus fast?

Ans. 40 days

Q11. Which woman washed Jesus’ feet?

Ans. Mary Magdalene

Q12. What was Jesus’ profession before he started his ministry?

Ans. A carpenter

Q13. What day of the week did Jesus rise from the dead?

Ans. Sunday

Q13. Where did Jesus go 40 days after His resurrection?

Ans. Heaven

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Medium Bible Trivia Questions and Answers

Q1. Who baptized Jesus and in what river?

Ans. John the Baptist in the River Jordan

Q2. Name the first two apostles to follow Jesus.

Ans. Peter and Andrew

Q3. What was the profession of Simon Peter before following Jesus?

Ans. A fisherman

Q4. Where did Jesus turn water into wine?

Ans. Cana

Q5. How many days was Lazarus dead before Jesus came to visit?

Ans. Four

Q6. What is the name of the garden where Jesus went to pray after the Last Supper?

Ans. Garden of Gethsemane

Q7. After Jesus fed 5,000 people, how many baskets of food were left over?

Ans. 12

Q8. What color are the four horses in the Book of Revelation?

Ans. White, Red, Dark and Pale

Q9. How old was Jesus when he started his ministry?

Ans. 30

Q10. What was the name of the woman who washed Jesus’ feet?

Ans. Mary Magdalene

Q11. After Jesus was crucified, who took His body down from the cross?

Ans. Joseph of Arimathea

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Difficult Bible Trivia Questions and Answers

Q1. Who is considered the 13th apostle to replace Judas Iscariot?

Ans. Matthias

Q2. What unusual gift did King Herod promise his daughter for her birthday?

Ans. The head of John the Baptist

Q3. What city mentioned in the Book of Revelation is also the name of an American city?

Ans. Philadelphia

Q4. Name the shortest verse in the Bible?

Ans. “Jesus wept.” Gospel of John, chapter 11, verse 35.

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